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Various sizes of compartment trays with hinged lids
Gell packs for cooling of samples
Specimen container with built in vacutainer access
Latex and Nitrile Powdered and non Powdered gloves
Sample bottle 5Lt graduated with rubber seal in cap
medical consumable products
Centifuge tubes ,storage boxes for micro tubes 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, racks
Microbiological products and Specimen containers
Pipettes and Tips
Sample cups and cuvettes
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Simport products
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Boston Jar range
230ml - 5lt wide neck
Jars/Bottles 2lt , 5lt, 10lt with110mm screw cap
Secure Tamperproof lid containers from 22ml to 1 Lt
Scoops plastic 5ml,10ml, 25ml, 50ml ,100ml
jplastcc006009.jpg jplastcc006008.jpg
PET Small size bottles 20ml,25ml,50ml Clear/Amber,brown
PET Jars wide neck clear (Honey)
Clear plastic
Speciality bottles with various dropper,triger and push spray caps
jplastcc006006.jpg jplastcc006005.jpg jplastcc006004.jpg jplastcc006003.jpg
Buckets stainless steel seamless with lid 12lt ,15lt
Silica gel packs
(dry packs)