Pipette pumps
Test tubes - clot accelerator
Bags-sample transportation
Cuvette segments - Cobas Mira
Histology - biopsy casettes
Pipette universal safety bulb
Test tubes - conical
Balance boats
Cuvette - reagent cover tray for
Histology - histo casettes
Pipette-tray for drawer
Test tubes - cylindrical
Cobas Mira
Baloon flask support
Histology - mega casettes
Pipette tips
Test tubes - flat bottom
Cuvettes - Abbot
Beakers, graduated, low form, PP
Histology - super mega casettes
Pipette tips - filter
Test tubes - cryo
Cuvettes - Amelung
Beakers, graduated, low form, TPX
Histology - embedding rings
Pipette tips - in rack
Test tubes - cryo box
Cuvettes - Ciba express 550,plus
Bed bottle, female
Histology - steel base moulds
Pipette tips - empty boxes
Test tubes - cryo rack
Cuvettes - Fibrintimer
Bed bottle, male
Histology - disposable base moulds
Pipette tips - macro
Test tubes - RIA
Cuvettes - Hitachi 704
Bed bottle, male lid
Histology - protective biopsy pads
Pipette tips - kit
Test tubes - screw cap
Cuvettes - Hitachi 717
Bed pan
Histology - biopsy bags
Test tubes - separating gel
Cuvettes - Hitachi 911/912/902
Bed pan lid
Histology - spray
Test tubes - separating gel
Cuvettes - Macro/Micro
Reduction cups for vacuum
+ clot accelerator
Blood-group test plates
test tubes
Cuvettes - multi for ABA-VP
Test tubes - separating granules
Blood lancets, sterile
Rods for cloth detachment
Cuvettes - Nephelometer
Ice bucket
and extraction
Test tubes - separating granules
Bottles - narrow neck, PE
+ clot accelerator
Cuvettes - Olli
Inoculating loops
Bottles - narrow neck, PE-grey
Test tubes - serum separation
Cuvettes - Sherwood-El-Vi
Instrument jar
Bottles - wide neck, PE
Stirring rods
Test tubes - Sorwall CW1
Cuvettes, holder
Bottles - wide neck, PE, graduated
Sample cups - Axsym
Test tubes - two positions
Cylinder for pipettes
closure cap
Bottles - narrow neck, PP, graduated
Sample cups - Centrifichem
Cylinders - high graduated - PP
Test tubes - TPX
Bottles - wide neck, PP, graduated
Jugs, graduated , jars cylindrical with cap
Sample cups - Ciba Express
Cylinders - high graduated - TPX
Jars wide mouth 250ml - 5 Litre
550, Plus
Test tubes - urine
Bottles - square
Jar wide mouth 10 Litre
Cylinders - low graduated - PP
Sample cups - Dade/Sismex
Test tubes racks, heat resistant
Bottles, storage - narrow neck
CA 50/500/5000
Cylinders - low graduated - TPX
Kidney dishes - disposable
Test tubes racks, PP
Bottles, storage - wide neck
Sample cups - Gemsaec
Cyto - brush
Kidney dishes - reusable
Test tubes trays
Bottles, storage - with tap
Sample cups - Gilford
Bottles, carrier
Sample cups - Hitachi
Deep tray for pipettes
Tongue depressors
Bottles, cooling transport
Labels, self adhesive
Sample cups - Kodak
Deep trays
Trays and tanks
Lids, self adhesive
Sample cups - Technicon
Dipslide - 2 media
Test - PH amniotic
Caps - for vacuum test tubes
L-shape spreades
Scintiliation vials
Dipslide - 3 media
Tray, colorimetric
Caps - for Macro cuvettes
Scoops small (Powder)
Dispenser for pipette tips
Caps - high grip
Serological pipettes
Dispenser tips
Micro test tubes - Beckman
Caps - red rubber conical
Slides for urine sedimentation
Vaginal speculum
Dispenser tips - adapter
Micro test tubes - Cobas
Caps - sanitary grip
Wash bottles
Draining rack
Micro test tubes - Eppendorf
Caps - special
Stackable tanks
Weighing bottles
Micro test tubes - Hyland-Travenol
Caps - standardized, screw
Safety box
Zero DNA
for volemetric flasks
Micro test tubes - PCR
E.S.R. System
Safety shields
Caps - with tongues
Micro test tubes - screw cap
Eye wash bottle
Staining box - Hellendhal
Conical measures, graduated
Micro test tubes - Vitraton Akes
E.S.R. Rack
Staining box - Schifferdecker
Connectors "L" type
Micro test tubes holder
Staining jar
Connectors "T" type
Microcentrifuge tubes rack
Staining rack for jar
Connectors "Y" type
Felt-tip pens, indelible ink
Microscope cover glasses
Staining rack - universal, for
Connectors "+" type
Filter paper - pads
Microscope slides
25 slides
Containers - 24 hours urine bottle
Filter paper - plasticized
Microscope slides, cover frosted end
Staining rack - storage box
Containers - 24 hours urine tank
Filter paper sheets 50x50
Microscope slides, positive charge
Staining trough, for
25 slides
Containers - 24 hours urine square
Flasks - Erlenmeyer type
Microscope slides boxes
Staining, 8-cells tray
Flasks - volumetric, PP
Microscope slides dispenser
Containers - dental prosthesis
Sterilization indicator tape
Flasks - volumetric, TPX
Microscope slides mailers
Containers -faeces
Swabs-in tubes
Microscope slides trays
Containers - mailing
Swabs-metallic stick
Funnels - analytical
Microtiter plates
Containers - needles
Swabs - plastic stick
Funnels - general purpose
Containers - safety
Swabs - with transport medium
Funnels - holder
Containers - specimens
Pap-test cervical spatula
Swabs - wooden stick
Funnels - powder
Containers - sputum
Paper for sterilization
Slide storing system
Containers - surgical specimens
Containers - universal
Gloves - latex
Parafilm cutter
Tanks - stackable
Containers - urine
Gloves - vinyl
Pasteur pipettes
Tanks - with tap
Containers - with lid
Gloves - nitrile
Patients cup
Tap for storage bottles
Cover for sample cups
Petri dishes
Test tubes - for blood collecting
Cups - cell counters, Coulter
Patients straw
Test tubes - blood collecting,
Cups - cell counters, Roycohycel
Pipette filter - 3 valves
pierceable cap
Cups - cell counters, TOA
Pipette holder - vertical
Test tubes - centrifuge
Test tubes - centrifuge 2
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